Albums for the Summer

So seeing as summer is on its way, I feel it’s time to update my summer playlist. Exams are almost over for this year, the sun is beginning to creep out from behind the clouds, the temperature is starting to rise – it’s time for summer music.

1) Bastille

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photo from

I’ve been loving Bastille for about 9 months now, and was super excited when they released their album ‘Bad Blood’. For anyone who doesn’t know, Bastille are an English alternative/indie-rock band formed by frontman Dan Smith. And I love them. I heard about them from a friend last year, before they released their album, and was not disappointed when it came out this year. The album contains some upbeat, uplifting songs, and others which have a more mysterious, subtle vibe. All in all, Dan’s breathy vocals and beguiling lyrics make the album an irresistible delight to listen to. What I like most of all is the fact that the songs are not predictable or tiresome. You hear something different everytime you listen to them, and they still make you want to sing along or dance round your bedroom, no matter how many times you’ve heard them already.

I’d also massively recommend their playlists ‘Other People’s Heartache’ (part 1 and 2), a captivating complilation of covers of the works of various artists.

2) Alt-J

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picture from

I love the quirkiness of Alt-J’s album, ‘An Awesome Wave’, released this time last year. Like Bastille, they are defined as an ‘indie-rock band’. The sweeping vocals and undulating melodies immediately relax me – perfect for when I’m feeling stressed or just need a boost. I love the unconventional nature of Alt-J’s music, it’s meandering and eccentric style and the way the lyrics mingle together in what many see as simply a poorly-enunciated mess. Overall, Alt-J is up there in my top albums for summer because of the lighthearted, laid-back (unusual for me) feeling it gives me.

3) Dry the River

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picture from

Yet another indie-rock/alternative band…Dry the River are less well known than the others, but definitely worth a listen. Their album ‘Shallow Bed’ is an interesting mix of upbeat music with an almost melancholy undertone. Like with Alt-J and Bastille, the lyrics are not repetitive or predictable, but rather more expressive, something that I look for in good music. The album is not necessarily what one would automatically associate with summer, but for me they go together perfectly – it does not have the artificial electronic beat of many classic summer tracks, but has a more organic sound.

4) Kodaline

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picture from

Kodaline have yet to release their album, but their EPs are definitely worth listening to (The Kodaline EP and The High Hopes EP). Again, this is not synthesised pop, but instead a very relaxed, emotive mix of songs, perfect for a summery picnic on a warm day. The songs are delicate yet project a haunting sensation which I love listening to.

5) One Republic

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picture from

One Republic have recently released their newest album, ‘Native’. This album is slightly different to the others in the sense that the songs have a clear, steady beat, making them lively and animated to listen to. I find it impossible to stay unhappy when I listen to this album – it’s so stirring and exciting to listen to, immediately putting you in a good mood.

For me, these will be my staple albums this summer, I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Albums for the Summer

  1. In addition to Bastille and Alt-J, OneRepublic is a band that I obsess over all the time. Their new album is so good! I think I trust your opinion though and I’ll definitely check out the other bands!

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