I Capture the Summer – bucket list 2013

Every year I make myself a bucket list of things that I wish to complete during my summer break. I’m not always totally successful, but I like having goals in my mind to help me to make the most of my holiday. So, here goes:

#1 – Make face masks

#2 – Tie dye/ombre a piece of clothing

#3 – Have a picnic

#4 – Go on an adventure

#5 – Have a paint/glitter fight

#6 – Leave post-it notes round town/in library books

#7 – Go for a run

#8 – Go to a costume party

#9 – Have a campfire with marshmallows

#10 – Get an autograph

#11 – Make my own lemonade

#12 – Have a barbecue

#13 – Sip pimms at twilight
#14 – Mess around in a paddling pool full of bubbles

#15 – Dance in the rain

#16 – Send a message in a bottle

#17 – Stargaze

#18 – Meet someone new

#19 – Watch an open air film/go to a drive-in (if they have them in the UK)

#20 – Spend an evening listening to jazz

#21 – Watch the sunset

#22 – Go to the zoo

#23 – Make a galaxy vest

#24 – Put a sign saying ‘This Way to the Ministry of Magic’ on a public loo somewhere

#25 -Sell something that I created

#26 – Read books

#27 – Have a spa/detox day

#28 – Watch ‘Midnight in Paris’ (Woody Allen)…again

#29 – Be totally positive for a day

#30 – Complete a maze

#31 – Finish reading a book in another language

#32 – Host/attend a ‘Come Dine with Me’ evening

Starting: 1st June
Ending: 5th September

Feel free to comment any other ideas 🙂 I’ll prpobably add to my original list when I think of more things to do… Enjoy!


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